Forum: Skype presents: SkyTools 2.1

Posted by: Marko Kreen
Date: 2007-03-18 13:06
Summary:Skype presents: SkyTools 2.1

This is a package of tools used in Skype for replication and
failover. Also it includes a generic queuing mechanism PgQ and
utility library for Python scripts.

Main components are:


This is the queue machanism we use. Consists of PL/pgsql, PL/python
and C code in database, with Python framework on top of it. It is
based on snapshot based event handling ideas from Slony-I,
written for general usage.


Replication tool written in Python, using PgQ as event transport.

- Survive high load, long transactions - implemented in PgQ.
- Easy to administer - eg. tables can be added one-by-one to set.
- Initial COPY does not block event replay for other tables.

Compared to Slony-I it is not that featureful, no support for
chained replication, even support for secuences got added
only recently.


This script will setup WAL archiving, does initial backup and
runtime WAL archive and restore.

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