Forum: Pginstaller beta release

Posted by: Magnus Hagander
Date: 2004-07-28 02:15
Summary:Pginstaller beta release
Project:PostgreSQL installer

The first beta release of the MSI based GUI installer for the native win32 port of postgresql has been uploaded to pgfoundry!

While this is a beta version of the installer, please note that the actual postgresql version being installed is still a development snapshot! View the release notes for more details.

There is a mailinglist available on the pgfoundry project page for the installer project - please use this mailinglist for discussions about the installer, and not the normal postgresql lists. All feedback is appreciated!

Included in this release are:
* PostgreSQL 7.5 development snapshot
* PgAdmin III development snapshot
* ODBC Driver
* JDBC Driver
* NPgsql .Net provider

See for a quick walk-through of the installer interface.

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