Forum: libpqtypes v1.2c released

Posted by: Andrew Chernow
Date: 2008-12-15 01:30
Summary:libpqtypes v1.2c released

This release includes two major fixes:

- When in thread safe mode, libpqtypes was using pthread_once() to initialize the error system's TLS data. This function is broken on Solaris 9 and below. GCC's function attribute "constructor" is used as the new intializer.

- The PATH geo type would cause a bus error on RISC processors, due memory alignment issues. This has been fixed and a configure check has been added.

A few other minor changes were made, which are documented in the ChangeLog.

libpqtypes is a libpq extension that offers a new way of handling parameterized queries and getting result values, using a printf/scanf style interface.

Full online documentation and examples can be found at

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