Forum: Pgtcl 1.7 released

Posted by: Karl Lehenbauer
Date: 2009-04-18 22:36
Summary:Pgtcl 1.7 released
Project:pgtcl - Tcl client side interface to PG

Pgtcl 1.7 has many new capabilities, including a new pg_result option, -tupleArrayWithoutNulls, which is the first out-of-band way to find out from Tcl if a field is truly null instead of merely empty.

Many updates to bring newer capabilities of libpq to Tcl.

Support for the large object truncate function.

Builds with the Tcl Extension Architecture for maximum buildability across a wide range of systems.

Support for asynchronous queries (pg_sendquery), polling, and query cancelling.

New connection/database introspection options with dbinfo.

Settable null value strings.

Updated documentation and numerous bug fixes.

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Pgtcl 1.7 released

Karl Lehenbauer - 2009-04-18 22:36 -

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