Forum: New Releases for plPerlNG

Posted by: Joshua D. Drake
Date: 2004-10-21 20:13
Summary:New Releases for plPerlNG
Project:PLPerl NG

There are two new releases for plPerlNG. The current plPerlNG is now breaking away from the 8.0 source tree.

The idea is to continue to development and allow people to use the plPerlNG with 7.4 AND 8.0. The features that we release over the next couple of months should also make it into the 8.1 release.

It should be noted that we are going to try and maintain two trees from now on. One could be considered "proper" and will used for compatibility with older versions of Perl for strict compliance with the main PostgreSQL tree.

The other, will not have the older version of Perl limitation and may in time require 5.8, but for now it only requires 5.6.1.

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New Releases for plPerlNG

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