Forum: wxPostgres 0.3.0 released

Posted by: Aurimas Černius
Date: 2009-09-05 20:32
Summary:wxPostgres 0.3.0 released

* Redisigned bindings to use binding objects instead of callbacks.
* New class wxPg::Grid - a grid for browsing large query results.
* New class wxPg::Updatable_row for updating a single row in table.
* Made possible to use wxPostgres without having libpq-fe.h (required to compile library, not to use it).
* Added Code::Blocks project to compile library.
* New macro wxPG_BIND_HYPERLINK_CTRL_WLABEL to update both Label and URL update in wxHyperlinkCtrl.
* Improved documentation.
* Fixed bug - when field is NULL, clear selection in list controls.
* Fixed bug - get_time() return wrong value for timestamp fields in both Data_row and Cached_result.
* Fixed bug - wrong labels set to wxGrid columns when using Grid_binding in some cases.

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