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  Oracle special caracterpaulo moraes02011-09-13 18:31
  problem with remote_selectBill Eaton02011-06-30 00:49
  PgSQL to MSSQL [FreeTDS] : error column_infoLaurent BAEY12011-02-21 10:49
  error connecting to YAMLp raman32011-01-13 17:59
  Error load .sql with odbc drivertrentasis trentasis02010-07-31 11:16
  No data dbi-link sql server 2000 trentasis trentasis12010-07-29 14:18
  windows installSebastian Quevedo02010-06-22 21:40
  Error on connecting to MySQL--- ---02010-04-26 10:35
  Oracle Link Fails After Restarting PsqlTimothy Myer12009-11-30 14:44
  Execution du script dbi_link.sqlAlain PERSONNAT32009-09-22 11:21
  Aggregate FunctionsMichael Olschimke12009-08-08 14:42
  dblink to SQL 2005 Server from postgres 8.3Flex Padawan22009-06-03 06:43
  From Oracle Date to PostgreSQL TimestampAndrea Agosti02009-05-11 10:33
  Connect to a Oracle database using the DBICristiani Ribeiro12008-11-19 17:32
  Oracle (10g) and dbi_linkT Schimmel12008-11-19 17:27
  dbi_link and Oracle FunctionsAndres Yacopino02008-11-19 17:24
  pgsql and mysql, slow answerErnesto QuiƱones02008-10-25 17:06
  Connecting PostgresSQL to SQLServer2005 ODBCHeitor Marcos32008-01-03 10:12
  Mapping types between mssql and postgresqlHeitor Marcos02007-11-13 12:58
  Welcome to Open DiscussionJosh Berkus02004-10-21 20:11
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