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  Calling function from oracle_fdwLuan Huynh12015-08-07 09:32
  On WinServ 2003: getting OCIEnvCreate failed to create environment handleJaneks Kamerovskis42015-05-14 12:07
  Plans?Janeks Kamerovskis62014-12-03 12:43
  TNS listener does not currently know of service requested in connect Fadhillah Ahmad42014-05-06 07:57
  Selecting from FDW to oracle alias to oracle linked table crashes serverPaul Wehr12014-01-08 20:35
  ORA-02070 error reading Oracle link to SQL Server tablePaul Wehr32013-10-28 10:36
  not able to compile oracle_fdw with postgres 9.3 beta 2Sandeep Gupta12013-07-31 05:57
  oracle_fdw would not compile with postgres 9.3 betaSandeep Gupta12013-07-31 05:55
  error in loading oracle_fdw.soSandeep Gupta32013-07-31 05:53
  How to know oracle_fdw versionJosep Martínez52013-07-24 02:13
  oracle_fdw for PostgrePlusLuan Nguyen22013-02-19 01:31
  Using Kerberos authentication in Oracle FDWPeter Hambly42012-09-25 14:53
  Problem with TNS names with use pgadminRodrigo Ignacio Gamboa Garcia112012-04-18 01:40
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