Forum: New features in FusionForge 4.7

Posted by: Marc Fournier
Date: 2012-12-31 04:47
Summary:New features in FusionForge 4.7

First, it very well may be that these are features that were in the later gForge releases, and I just didn't notice them before, but just in case I'm not the only one.

If you look on any project's "Summary" page, you will find several new links:

RSS Feeds (0.91 and 2.0 both supported)
Project Statistics
Project Activity (not quite sure what this one is for)

Also, when you Start New Thread, you can now attach files ... handy way to provide a screen shot of the error you are seeing ...

There are bound to be other stuff that I haven't stumbled across yet, but just a heads up that there are new features available that may not be well documented ...

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