Forum: Pg_statsinfo 2.5.1 is released

Posted by: Kyotaro Horiguchi
Date: 2014-08-26 05:45
Summary:Pg_statsinfo 2.5.1 is released

pg_statsinfo 2.5.1 is released.

This release fixes pg_statsinfo 2.5.0's operational start/stop and
automatic restart functions to be available on PostgreSQL 9.3.5 and
corresponding minor releases of 8.4 and later.

Since news of releasing 2.5.0 was omitted, here is the list of changes
from 2.4.

- Supports PostgreSQL 9.3
- New report items.
--- Maximum backends for the snapshot period.
- Units of the setting values.
- Default name for text log is changed to "pg_statsinfo.log".
- Per item activation of alerting function.
- New alert items.
--- Column correlation
--- Maximum number of backends.
--- Free disk space for the tablespace.
--- Load average.
--- Swap usage.
--- Replication delay.
- Server log entries for checkpoint and vacuum is no longer excluded from server log.
- Checkpoint on standby (restartpoint) is now collected.
- Fallback mode, which enables to run without repository server when unavailable, is added.
- New report items of command line report.
--- Replication delay.
--- Count and processing time of autoanalyze.
--- Units of the setting values.
- pg_statsinfo process becomes to be able to start or stop sparately from PostgreSQL server.

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