Forum: pginstaller 8.0.0 RC1

Posted by: Magnus Hagander
Date: 2004-12-05 21:10
Summary:pginstaller 8.0.0 RC1
Project:PostgreSQL installer

Pginstaller 8.0.0RC1 has been released. This release contains the 8.0.0-RC1 release of the PostgreSQL backend.

This is the first multilanguage version of the installer. The current version supports English, German and Brazilian Portuguese. Further translations are encouraged - if you are interested in helping out, please look at the Docs section on our pgFoundry project page for information on how to proceed.

The file will be available on the ftp mirrors shortly. If possible, please use this method for downloading the file to keep the load down on the pgFoundry server.

Full release notes are available on the pgFoundry project page.

Please submit any issues you have with the installer using the support/bug/feature trackers or the mailinglist at the pgfoundry page. Issues with the backend should be discussed on the main project lists available from

Please do NOT use this forum for issues with the installer, as it's not monitored.

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