Forum: Bizgres 0.6 beta releases

Posted by: Josh Berkus
Date: 2005-07-08 21:55
Summary:Bizgres 0.6 beta releases

Bizgres beta version 0.6 has been released.  Source is available on the
bizgres home page (; binaries
for Linux and Solaris are available from GreenPlum
(,  as "DeepGreen PostgreSQL":
it's the same thing as Bizgres).

This version includes the first patches which Bizgres is getting before
mainstream PostgreSQL.   These first two patches are Alon Goldshuv's batch
processing improvement for COPY, which improves bulk loading by as much as
35%.   The second is Simon Riggs' patch allowing disabling of WAL logging
on "holding tables", as are frequently used for ETL.  Combined, the two
patches can halve disk I/O costs for ETL operations.  Both of these
patches have been submitted to PostgreSQL and should be in PostgreSQL 8.1
or 8.2 (if accepted).

Bizgres is based on PostgreSQL 8.0.2, and includes JDBC, an enhanced
Java-based bulk loader, a Windows cross-compile, and a unified installer.  
Bizgres is BSD-licensed.  Documentation for this version will is avaible on
the Bizgres documentation page

Bizgres version 0.7, which will include several more significant features
(such as table partitioning and a performance configuration tool) should
be out around July 31.  In the meantime, please download, test, and give
us your feedback!

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