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  Debugger fails when using %TYPEHans Nieuwenhuis02013-07-04 06:17
  Issue with debuuger and type defitionsHans Nieuwenhuis02013-07-04 08:54
  Cannot compile against 9.0Dany De Bontridder22010-12-10 21:18
  ERROR: debugger server refused authenticationMarcel Gsteiger82010-09-24 13:17
  [help]---how can i use debugger in winxpji jinxu12010-07-22 12:58
  Compile error against 8.4Glyn Astill22010-03-22 13:26
  Beginners helpDanny Lo12010-02-05 16:36
  Feature requestsMikk Andresen02009-10-19 13:44
  Postgresql 8.0.4 - make failsThomas Grossjean12009-07-22 14:16
  Install notesChris Smith02009-01-23 03:34
  pgAdmin could not load library pldbgapi.soPawel Kasperek02008-02-08 12:42
  compile error against PostgreSQL 8.2Laurenz Albe02007-08-20 14:34
  Welcome to Open-DiscussionJosh Berkus02006-01-31 00:14
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