Forum: pgloader v.1.1

Posted by: Jean-Paul Argudo
Date: 2006-04-03 16:17
Summary:pgloader v.1.1
Project:PostgreSQL Loader

This new version of pgloader is a bugfix:
- allows use of separator character and
- allows use of quoting
..mainly for CVS files

Plus now allows importing data from files in other encodings than utf-8 to be imported in their original encoding.

I took time to test some different configurations, but I would be glad if some testers could help me enhance and debug this tool.

Please note it wont work yet with versions <8.0, mainly in CVS mode. Next step is to adapt the tool the the PostgreSQL version you use, wheter its 7.x or 8.x.

Thanks a lot for any comment, test, debug...


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