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  punctuated comments confuse mysql2pgsqlCatherine Devlin02011-04-15 15:15
  bug on insertJean-Max Reymond12009-04-22 08:19
  date 0000-00-00 00:00:00 on mysqlJean-Max Reymond02009-04-22 08:21
  datatype error:smallint to smallintcornelius --02010-06-03 00:18
  segfaultDavid Bauman42008-12-12 04:31
  SegfaultKen Johanson32008-12-03 12:41
  Some bugsCharlie Clark22008-08-04 14:17
  what are the commands to convert mysql2pgsql?aditya gada12008-07-31 14:47
  Multiple field foreign key problemZakariia Dev02008-06-11 14:30
  First try, but already problems...Fred Takecare12008-03-07 02:08
  Strange errorsKim Bisgaard42008-01-04 13:36
  USE dbname misses newlineKim Bisgaard22008-01-04 13:23
  joesp -- still can't log injoe speigle22007-12-11 12:34
  Missing START WITH value for serial'sDave Paper12007-12-11 12:33
  Field contents interpretted as a time stampPhillip Odam52007-11-24 14:55
  Close parenthesis in field causing problemPhillip Odam22007-11-24 04:29
  Problem converting CREATE TABLE with doubleNiccolo Rigacci22007-10-30 12:25
  problem w/ double(x,y)W.C. Whiner42007-08-13 08:20
  Unknown Open errorDan Fontenot12007-06-09 16:42
  bug reports for the projectjoe speigle22007-05-29 10:09
  Welcome to Open-DiscussionJosh Berkus02006-11-28 20:55
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