Forum: Backup and Restore with PostgreSQL 8.2

Posted by: Michael Schmidt
Date: 2007-02-18 17:20
Summary:Backup and Restore with PostgreSQL 8.2
Project:Komo PostgreSQL Client

An issue has arisen with the Komo backup and restore features when used with PostgreSQL 8.2. The version 8.2 utilities now use low level (tty) input/output for displaying the password prompt and accepting password input. In the past, they used high level (stdout, stderr, stdin) input/output, and Komo was able to read the prompt and output the password on these streams. Unfortunately, Java really can't work with the low level streams now being used. However, all is not lost. A simple solution is to use make sure the user has a .pgpass file (see PostgreSQL documentation for this) and eliminate the -W parameter in the BackupWizard and RestoreWizard classes. It appears the PostgreSQL backup and restore utilities will automatically find and use the .pgpass file.

Hope everyone is finding Komo to be useful!

Michael Schmidt

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