Forum: htminer version 0.5.0 (beta) released

Posted by: Gabriele Bartolini
Date: 2007-02-18 17:20
Summary:htminer version 0.5.0 (beta) released

The Comune di Prato and the ht://Miner Group are very proud to announce that a new release of the ht://Miner Web Usage Mining system is available for download.

Release 0.5.0 is another important step towards stability. Several bugs have been fixed and new features have been introduced at all the different levels of the web usage mining process.

A key point, crucial for middle size organisations, is the introduction of a multi-level summarisation framework in the custom data warehouse (currently just for the only subject that is implemented: anonymous requests of pages grouped by day). This architecture allows the use of a summary navigation system that is typical of data warehouses, with different level of data aggregation. The PHP middleware takes advantage of this structure, with online improvements of queries by 1000 times (in the most complicated scenarios).

Support for PostgreSQL 8.2.x has been added.

Another key aspect is that release 0.5.0 is the first release that has been officially adopted by the Comune di Prato for web usage statistics production and data warehousing. The website is being restored and updated (a new version is on the way) and an online demo of the PHP interface will be out soon.

Although it cannot still be considered stable (for the presence of a bug regarding concurrency in the OLTP processing module), this version is the best available so far and its usage for production is recommended.

For more details on this version, please refer to the release notes (

Please feel free to ask in case you need assistance with compilation, installation and configuration issues. You can also subscribe the htminer-help mailing list from the panel.

ht://Miner can be downloaded from the website ( ).

Thank you very much.

Gabriele Bartolini, ht://Miner Project Manager

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