Forum: htminer PHP middleware 0.1.2 (beta) released

Posted by: Gabriele Bartolini
Date: 2007-02-18 17:21
Summary:htminer PHP middleware 0.1.2 (beta) released

The Comune di Prato and the ht://Miner Group are proud and excited to announce that a new release of the PHP middleware framework for the ht://Miner Web Usage Mining system is available for download.

Release 0.1.2 has dramatically improved access times to aggregated data through the usage of the new multiple-level summarisation framework that has been introduced by ht://Miner 0.5.0.

The PHP middleware library now implements a very efficient mechanism of summary navigation which reduces times of retrieval of aggregated data by even 1000 times (in the most complicated scenarios).

A few other important features have been introduced, such as 'year reporting' and run-time specification of which metrics to be retrieved from the data warehouse (count, dwell times and / or bytes).

Support for PostgreSQL 8.2.x has been added.

Another key aspect is that release 0.1.2 is the first release that has been officially adopted by the Comune di Prato for online web usage statistics production and data warehousing.

For more details on this version, please refer to the release notes (

ht://Miner's PHP middleware is a set of classes that build an abstraction layer between applications and ht://Miner's data warehouse. The objective is to simplify the creation of PHP driven applications for querying web usage data stored in the database.

Please feel free to ask for help in case you need assistance with compilation, installation and configuration issues.

You are encouraged to subscribe the htminer-help mailing list from the panel.

The ht://Miner PHP middleware software can be downloaded from the website ( ).

Thank you very much.

Gabriele Bartolini, ht://Miner Project Manager

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