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RE: Npgsql:Error reading array with {NULL} [ reply ]
By: Gregory Kramida on 2012-04-13 17:15
Almost a year has past and I've encountered the very same problem. I'm trying to read integer[] arrays which may contain NULL values. The truth is, any array type in PostgreSQL should be interpreted as nullable primitive in C#, i.e. postgres integer[] should really yield int?[], not int[] for .NET or Mono.

Another problem, although similar: "char"[] arrays get returned as arrays of string[], where "NULL" would be one example of a value, and empty string "" would be another. This probably should be cast to char?[] array instead.

Npgsql:Error reading array with {NULL} [ reply ]
By: Michal Svoboda on 2011-06-10 13:33
My SELECT returns data arrays in all columns

NpgsqlDataReader throw exception in case that array contain some NULL value.

Exception:At least one element in the source array could not be cast down to the destination array type.

Please help me?
Any idea?

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