Forum: New Buildfarm Client Release

Posted by: Andrew Dunstan
Date: 2010-08-09 22:39
Summary:New Buildfarm Client Release
Project:PostgreSQL Build Farm

There is a new release of the buildfarm client. There are no new features, but some cleanup and bug fixes.

The code can be downloaded from:

Here are the release notes / change log:

. Use git clean to remove build products left by vpath builds, following a suggestion from Robert Haas.

. provide for "default" entry in force_every setting

. Accomodate oddities in at least some versions of File::Copy.

. If the web transaction fails, put back the old timestamps so the next run works on the same basis.

. provide enough log to avoid server failure if we get an SCM error (bug found following report from Greg Sabino Mullane)

. work with older versions of git (bug found following report from Greg Sabino Mullane)

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