Forum: PgBouncer 1.4.2

Posted by: Marko Kreen
Date: 2011-06-30 21:27
Summary:PgBouncer 1.4.2

Portability fixes. Affected OS-es: *BSD, Solaris, Win32.

Full details here:

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win32 service hack [ reply ]
By: med bone on 2011-12-21 08:13
i've built pgbouncer using msys, and noticed that it will not start as a service even after registration. (error 1067).
So i hacked through the code, and finally i noticed that i needed to change the code on the main.c function in order to have it work properly.

here what u have to do :

just add the preprocessor line #ifndef WIN32 and #endif around the setprogname(basename(argv[0]));
as shown below

#ifndef WIN32

the problem resides actually in the basename function on file err.c

now it works pefrectly as a service.


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