Forum: PostgreSQL 8.1.0 Windows Installer

Posted by: Magnus Hagander
Date: 2005-11-14 15:19
Summary:PostgreSQL 8.1.0 Windows Installer
Project:PostgreSQL installer

For some time now, the 8.1.0 MSI installer has been available on the main PostgreSQL mirror network.

Please note that we don't normally post release announcements on the pgFoundry newspage - check the main news on for releases of PostgreSQL including the MSI package.

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Silent install problems [ reply ]
By: chris nel on 2007-07-31 13:40
Can anyone help me with the following, I'm trying to do a silent install with the following parameters:
msiexec.exe /i postgresql-8.1-int.msi /qr INTERNALLAUNCH=1

Error: User account !@#$#$%@# does not exist.

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