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RE: First try, but already problems... [ reply ]
By: joe speigle on 2008-03-07 02:08
We got some complaints before of dumps from mysqlAdministrator dumps, they're not in the same format as the dumps from the the mysql commandline utility. Also, I don't have mysqlAdministrator as it requires a purchase and this is now just my hobby and I don't have it. If you look in the archives, there were some issues. So, we can't really support that. YOu can read about her issues in the threads a few threads back.

The \g ending is understood by postgres as a line-termination like the semi-colon. Just replace all their instances with ";" in the mysq2pgsql.perl file.

Yes, please give the mysql dump. you can email it to me at . I'll run the script over it and try an import using postgres client. I don't have pgAdmin either and am quite busy these days, but maybe if I find the time I can look more into this.

Keep us updated, please.

First try, but already problems... [ reply ]
By: Fred Takecare on 2008-03-06 22:56

I'm working on a (test) migration project, from a Mysql 5.0.24 (WinXP) to a Postgres 7.4 server on ubuntu Dapper LTS. I want to re-create my quite complex db structure, and import data as well.

Source DB uses InnoDB and tables use latin8 charset (and has french accents in it).
Source DB was dumped using MySQLAdministrator InnoDB backup option.
I'm using your R1.4, and it seems to perform well.

When I try to import the generated postgres.sql (using lastest pgAdmin III under Windows), I get strange problems, such as "\g" characters at eols.

As a result, I has no success so far. I tried various MySQLAdministrator options, but no way.

Is there a recommanded way to dump src db? Are the versions OK? Should I post or email the source sql ?

TIA for your help,


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