Forum: pgmemcache-1.0 rc1 released...

Posted by: Sean Chittenden
Date: 2004-12-19 19:02
Summary:pgmemcache-1.0 rc1 released...

This is the first publicly available tarball for pgmemcache. See the docs for installation details. pgmemcache is a suite of PostgreSQL functions that allow one to manipulate data in a memcached(8) cluster. memcached(8) is an exceedingly fast distributed caching system.

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RE: What are the applications for this software? [ reply ]
By: Sean Chittenden on 2005-01-26 06:04
There are three applications for this software:

1) Provides a means to invalidate a memcache cluster in a trigger, providing real time cache invalidation and data synchronization.

2) Can be abused as a query caching scheme (kinda like MySQL's query caching, except using pgMemcache in this context doesn't suck because it doesn't require a complete invalidation of the cache if data changes).

3) A means of having global variables between backends and even multiple PostgreSQL servers (should you configure your setup that way).

It's quite nifty. Read the presentation I wrote on the topic at:

And let me know if you have any questions. Any read constrained applications that don't use pgmemcache/memcache are absolutely, positively out of their mind for not doing so.

What are the applications for this software? [ reply ]
By: Greg Johnson on 2004-12-29 17:06
Please excuse my ignorance, what are some pratical application of this software?

It sounds really cool!

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