Forum: PgBouncer 1.3.3

Posted by: Marko Kreen
Date: 2010-05-10 18:14
Summary:PgBouncer 1.3.3

Minor fixes, make listen backlog configurable. More details here:

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How to Create Your Own Mini Golf Course [ reply ]
By: yi fer on 2010-05-12 02:01

How to Create Your Own Mini Golf Course
Step 1 Start by buying your supplies. How many holes you want and the size of your course will determine the amount of materials. [url=]golfwholesale18 reviews[/url][/b] Step 2 Glue down side boards to the fiberboard platform. Your side boards should be 1-by-1. Use wood glue and glue them to the fiberboard to outline the hole from tee to cup. Step 3 Allow the side boards to affix solidly to the fiberboard. [url=][/url] This will take two hours. Step 4 Add side boards to the other side of the fiberboard using the wood glue. ishiner The side boards on this side should go in the same spots as they are on the top of the board, and are used to lift the entire board an inch off the ground. Once again, let the wood glue dry. [url=]golfwholesale18[/url] Step 5 Cut a hole through the fiberboard for your hole. Do this by taking the PVC, placing it on the fiberboard and make a pencil mark around the outside of the PVC on the wood. Drill a small hole along the inside edge of the pencil-marked hole and then cut the entire hole out with the saber saw. [url=][/url] Step 6 Cover your fiberboard and side boards with felt. You'll want to size the felt by putting it over the board to make sure it covers the entire platform. Once you've ascertained that your felt will cover orm so that you don't get bubbles., lift it off and spray the wood with spray adhesive. You're going to want to cover the entire platf

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