Forum: PL/Py 0.1 Release

Posted by: James Pye
Date: 2005-06-30 19:38
Summary:PL/Py 0.1 Release

First development release of the procedural language has been made. See for more information about the project and its features, and see for the quickest way to try it on for size. Yes, there are boogs. Yes, boogs, not bugs.

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RE: Known systems [ reply ]
By: Alexy Khrabrov on 2006-09-21 06:13
I've tried to build be with the new Python 2.5 on Tiger/Intel, and it wants -lpython2.5 which cannot be found! I've seen this is coming from python-config itself! Any workarounds?

Known systems [ reply ]
By: James Pye on 2005-06-30 09:27
I have only tested the build on FreeBSD 5.4 and Darwin 8.1(tiger/10.4). I imagine it should work without trouble on most ELF/UNIX systems with a recent version of gcc. If you have a build failure, please be sure to contact me, as portability is one of my primary concerns.

Note, I know the build on Windows will fail, even if you have a mingw32 or vc++ environment installed.

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