File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: OBA v3.0.0

Change Log

* Tax system modified to meet europe countries
* Improve Quick entry
* Trial balance/Income statement/Balance sheet can be retrieved separately by project and subcon
* General ledger now can sort and group by project or transaction
* Better customisation on quick entry
* Improve Inventory report, now can search qty > 0 or < 0 and search obselete and not obselete items, and added opening balance if user choose a from date in the report
* stock value report now can select and show items where counted quantity is different from onhand
* aging now can be summaried
* added taxincluded in all item in inventory
* Inventory now can calculate average cost
* all report now is divided by basic report and advance report for user friendliness
* statement account now move and print from aging
* and more...
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