File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Release

Release Notes

pgW32cli provides an installer for the psqlODBC and PgOleDb Win32 clients.
The Installer comes in 3 flavours:

pgw32cli-full.exe provides a full MDAC / DCOM install.

pgw32cli-web.exe only contains the PostgreSQL clients, but will
download MDAC and DCOM components from the web as necessary.

pgw32cli-min.exe only contains the PostgreSQL clients.

The scripts are compiled usinq InnoSetup making the source easily customizable.

If you are upgrading a previous version, you need pgw32cli-

Change Log


pgoledb.dll      Version
libeay32.dll     Version  0.9.7.f
ssleay32.dll     Version  0.9.7.f
libpq.dll        Version
libintl-2.dll    Version
libiconv-2.dll   Version  1.8.1134.7927


libpq.dll  Version

Release includes the following file versions:

libpq.dll 	(PostgreSQL library)
libintl-2.dll	(GNU Text Utils)
libiconv-2.dll 1.8.1134.7927	(GNU Text Utils)
psqlodbc.dll		(PG ODBC)
pgoledb.dll		(PgOleDB)
libeay32.dll   0.9.7.e		(OpenSSL)
ssleay32.dll   0.9.7.e		(OpenSSL)

Installable / Downloadable on demand:

MDAC 2.8
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