File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 9.90.0

Release Notes

pgTAP 0.91.0

[pgTAP]( is a unit testing framework for PostgreSQL written
in PL/pgSQL and PL/SQL. It includes a comprehensive collection of
[TAP]( assertion functions, as well as the
ability to integrate with other TAP-emitting test frameworks. It can also be
used in the xUnit testing style. For detailed documentation, see the
documentation in `doc/pgtap.mmd` or
[online]( "Complete pgTAP Documentation").

Change Log

0.90.0 2011-12-03T20:18:16Z
* Removed the "Supported Versions" section of the documentation. Suffice it to
  say that pgTAP supports PostgreSQL 8.0 or higher.
* Added a build target to create a portable copy of pgTAP that can be included
  in any distribution and should just work for tesing on PostgreSQL 8.3+. The
  new files are `pgtap-core.sql`, which contains the core functionality, and
  `pgtap-schema.sql`, which depends on pgtap-core and adds in the schema
  testing assertion functions.
* Added abstract to the `provides` section of `META.json`.
* Removed use of `relistemp` column in an internal function, as it has been
  removed in PostgreSQL 9.1. As a bonus, it now works on PostgreSQL 8.3 and
  older without needing to be patched. Thanks to Tom Lane for the alternate
* Added PostreSQL 9.1 `CREATE EXTENSION` support.
* Removed `TAPSCHEMA` option to `make`. Use `PGOPTIONS=--search_path=tap` with
  `psql`, instead.
* Added `db_owner_is()`. Based on a patch by Gerd Koenig.
* Dropped support for PostgreSQL 8.0, as the new directory structure
  introduced in 0.25.0 is incompatible with the 8.0 version og `pg_regress`,
  making testing all but impossible. 8.0 has been EOLed for some time, so it's
  time for pgTAP to finally drop its support, too.
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