File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Initial release

Release Notes

PGUnit is a xUnit-style framework for stored procedures in PostgreSQL 8.3+. It allows database developers to write
automated tests for existed stored procedures or develop procedures using concepts of Test Driven Development (TDD).
All test cases are stored in the database, so you don't need any external resources (like files, version control,
command-line utilities etc.) to save tests.

As in traditional xUnit, tests may be grouped in test case; each test-case may have its own environment initialization
code ("fixture preparation code", or setUp block). The main benefit of PGUnit is that setUp block (usually quite CPU
intensive) is executed only once, and its effect is stored in a savepoint. Then, all tests are executed from that
savepoint, so the fixture initialization overheat is minimal. All tests are still executed independently,
because their effects are automatically rolled back after the execution. 

Change Log

  - A little code simplification (undocumented "WHEN others THEN ..." 
    instead of exception class enumeration).

  - Great speed-up while running a bunch of test with a single setUp block.
    In this case setUp is executed ONLY ONCE, and the effect of its 
    execution is stored in a savepoint which is used for all 
    individually-rollbacked tests. (All tests are still running 
    independently and are not intersected with each other.)
  - Time measurnment of each test execution (thanks to Garrynja).
  - Supress NOTICEs generated by a setUp or test code to keep the 
    execution log clean.

  - First release.
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