File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: pgclister-1.1.2rc7

Release Notes

PGCluster 1.1.2rc7 is the patched version of PostgreSQL 7.4.19.

Never mix other PGCluster packages with this version. 
It does not work.

Change Log

This version was fixed following bugs, and based PostgreSQL version was updated to 7.4.19 from 7.4.14. 

(1)regeneracy mode of pglb might not work in two set of cluster DBs environment. 

And this version was added following setting parameters. 

(1)Rsync_Timeout (in cluster.conf) 
 I/O timeout of rsync. 
(2)Rsync_Bwlimit (in cluster.conf)
 I/O bandwidth limitation of rsync.
(3)Ping_Path (in cluster.conf)
 Full path of ping command.

These parameters are useful in recovery mode, especially rsync often failed since DB size is very large and network bandwidth is narrow (like a WAN). 

If rsync was failed, cluster DB sets some reasonable values to bwlimit automatically, and try it again.

These setting parameters were proposed by Rick Vernam.

Timeout implementation of lifecheck also changed.
Timeout is available not only lifecheck but all db login sesstion to Cluster DB from replication server.
This update was proposed by Anatoly Savchenkov.
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