File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.6.1-beta4

Change Log

     * Add -h command line option to specify a socket file when connected to
       the database..
     * Use the same -p PORT, -U USER, and -d DBNAME options as other PostgreSQL
     * Change unixtop's original -d to -x, and -U to -z.
     * Add 'X' command to view user index statistics.
     * Add 'R' command to view user table statistics.
     * Add support for Solaris 10.
     * Add support for FreeBSD.
     * Add 'E' command to show query plan of a running query.
     * Add parameters to specify database connection information.
     * Add 'L' command to show locks held by a process.
     * Add 'Q' command to show current query of a process.
     * Rename 'top' to 'ptop'.
     * Add support for Linux.
     * Configure support for PostgreSQL libpq client libraries.
     * Remove old_modules directory.
     * Update RES calculation for Linux 2.6.x.
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