File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: openrpt-2.3.0

Change Log

2.3.0 ChangeLog


   Feature Additions

     o Added additional support for Oracle databases.

     o Added in support for accessing XML files and querying via SQLite

     o Added support to project file to support parallelized builds

     o Added support for a rectangle primitive to writer/renderer

     o Added support for print preview functionality

     o Added additional support for language translations, French included

     o Added "Word Wrap" option to Field entity

     o Added in better support for Custom Page sizes when rendering reports

   Bug Fixes

     o Fixed a problem where database arguments were not passed correctly to

     o Fixed include path in project file to compile on windows correctly

     o Fixed some compile time warnings

     o Removed some Qt3 Backwards compatibility classes

     o Fixed code to find correct window when using top-level windows

     o Fixed Linux bug where print-range was being corrupted

     o Fixed render bug where reports were queries were being executed
       several times

     o Fixed a problem where an error occurred if a report was not loaded
       from the database
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