File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.3.0

Release Notes

pgloader 2.3.0 implements parallel loading of data at several level, and comes with some minor improvements and fixes, such as the long awaited support for columns = * configuration!

Parallel loading means pgloader is now multi-threaded and able to load several sections at the same time (see the max_parallel_sections global configuration option), and has support for spreading a single file loading to several active workers threads.

See the matching documentation section for details:

Change Log

  * Add options for forcing psycopg version to use (-1, -2, --psycopg-version)
  * columns = * is now supported
  * Mutli-threaded pgloader (see options max_parallel_sections,
                             section_threads and split_file_reading)
  * FIX for -C and -I options (replace sys.log with self.log), per user request
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