File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.6

Release Notes

2008-04-05  -  SkyTools 2.1.6  -  "Quick Bugfix Release"

  Now we have upgrade script, see 'man skytools_upgrade'
  for info how to upgrade database code.

Change Log

  = Fixes =

    * Include upgrade sql scripts in .tgz
    * Fix 'londiste provider seqs'
    * Fix 'londiste provider fkeys' in no tables added.
    * Fix "londiste copy" pidfile timing race
    * Fix Solaris build - avoid grep -q / define HAVE_UNSETENV
    * Fix "make debXX" when several Postgres version are installed.
    * New-style AC_OUTPUT usage.
    * Disable manpage creation by default, --with-asciidoc to enable.
      They are still included in .tgz so users should have less problems now.
    * Restore iter-on-values behaviour for rows from curs.fetch*.  The attempt
      to make them iter-on-keys seems now misguided, as iter-on-values is already
      used in existing code, and iter-on-keys returns keys in random order.
    * londiste subscriber add: Dont drop triggers on table if --expect-sync is used.
    * londiste copy: drop triggers and fkeys in case "replay" or "subscriber add" was skipped
    * walmgr restore: better detection if old postmaster is running (Charles Duffy)
    * walmgr xrestore: detect the death of parent process
    * walmgr restore: create pg_tblspc - its required for 8.3 (Zoltán Böszörményi)
    * walmgr restore: copy old config files over if exist (Zoltán Böszörményi)

  = Features =

    * Table name globbing for Londiste commands (Erik Jones)
    * New manpages for scripts (Asko Oja & me)
    * Upgrade script with manpage: scripts/
    * Add .version() function to pgq_ext & londiste schemas.
    * pgqadm: allow parameters without queue_ prefix in 'config' command.
    * skytools Python module:
      - intern() keys in db_urldecode() to decrease memory usage
      - udp-logger: more fields: hostaddr, service_name
      - udp-logger: dont cache udp socket, seem to hang in some cases
      - DBScript.get_database() allows explicit connect string
      - DBScript allows disabling config file loading
      - magic_insert on dicts allows missing columns, uses NULL
      - new parsing functions:
        - parse_pgarray(), parse_logtriga_sql(), parse_tabbed_table(),
        - parse_statements() - this one is used to split SQL install
          files to separate statements.
      - exists_function() checks both 'public' and 'pg_catalog'
        for unqualified functions names.
      - skytools.quoting: add C implementation for quote_literal, quote_copy,
        quote_bytea_raw, unescape, db_urlencode, db_urldecode.  This gives
        20x speedup for db_urlencode and 50x for db_urldecode on some
        real-life data.
      - unquote_ident(), unquote_literal()
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