File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.6.2-beta4

Release Notes

- Make pg_top observe PGDATABASE, PGUSER, PGHOST, and PGPORT environment variables.

- More 'top' to 'pg_top' documentation fixes.

Change Log

     * Add 'A' command to re-run SQL statement and show actual execution plan
       (EXPLAIN ANALYZE) of a running query.
     * Fixed 'E' command (EXPLAIN) to be UPDATE and INSERT safe.
     * Updated the automake file so other targets like 'make dist' and
       'make distdir' work.
     * Fixed a bug so user table statistics can be sorted.
     * Added a 't' command so that user table and index statistics can
       display either cumulative or differential statistics.
     * Fixed support for OS X, tested on v10.4.x, v10.5.x.
     * Added support for OpenBSD, tested on v4.2.
     * Rename 'ptop' to 'pg_top' to fit PostgreSQL naming conventions and
       avoid naming conflict with free pascal's source formatter 'ptop'.
     * Recognize PGDATABASE, PGHOST, PGUSER, and PGPORT environment variables.
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