File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Npgsql2.0beta4

Release Notes

Beta 4 is primarily a bug fixes release for the bugs introduced in beta 3.  Notable fixes include:
  Enabling SSPI in all builds
  System.Transactions NullReferenceException fix
  Handle IOException when thrown from listen thread (such as on disconnect).

Change Log

2008-05-14	jbcooley
	* src/Npgsql/AssemblyInfo.cs 1.12:
		bump version number for beta 4

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlCommand.cs 1.22:
	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlConnector.cs 1.19:
	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlConnectorPool.cs 1.9:
	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlDataReader.cs 1.14:
		Handle IOExceptions and translate them to NpgsqlExceptions.  
		Also migrate IOExceptions from the listen thread to the thread 
		owning the connection.

	* src/NpgsqlTypes/NpgsqlTypeConverters.cs 1.7:
		bug #1010372.  Changed the way bytes were parsed.  Thanks to 
		Matt Robinson for reporting the bug.

2008-05-07	jbcooley
	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlSchema.ssdl 1.2:
		Restrict metadata access from the pg_catalog and 
		information_schema schemas.  This makes edmgen return only 
		interesting tables.  In my samples, these are the tables in 
		public.  (Similar for views, columns, keys, etc.)

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/SqlBaseGenerator.cs 1.9:
		Check that a defining query has a value before using it.

2008-05-05	jbcooley
	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/SystemTransactionsTest.cs 1.2:

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlPromotableSinglePhaseNotification.cs 1.6:
	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlResourceManager.cs 1.4:
	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlTransactionCallbacks.cs 1.5:
		Improvements in System.Transactions support.  Fixed 
		NullReferenceException initially supported by Chris Coleman.

2008-05-03	fxjr
	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/CommandTests.cs 1.11:
		Added a prepared bytea support test.

2008-05-02	fxjr
	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/ 1.4:
		Added missing System.Transactions.dll assembly so tests can be compiled ok.

2008-04-28	jbcooley
	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlPromotableSinglePhaseNotification.cs 1.5:
		Improvements to System.Transactions support.  Thanks to Chris 
		Coleman for reporting the bug which lead to these improvements.

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/NpgsqlTests2008.csproj 1.4:
	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/SystemTransactionsTest.cs 1.1:
		Added tests for System.Transactions

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/DataAdapterTests.cs 1.6:
		Make Fill test work with version 2 of the protocol

2008-04-12	jbcooley
	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlDataReader.cs 1.13:
		#1010371 - Fix DataTable.Load by fixing 
		NpgsqlDataReader.GetSchemaTable.  Thanks to Fraser Kp for 
		reporting the bug.

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/DataReaderTests.cs 1.5:
		Test for DataTable.Load and using varchar and char.

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/DataAdapterTests.cs 1.5:
		Tests for Fill and populating schema

2008-04-11	jbcooley
	* src/Npgsql2008.csproj 1.13:
	* src/Npgsql2008.sln 1.4:
		Add Entity Framework configurations to allow 2.0 versions and 
		3.5 + Entity Framework versions through configuration selection.

	* src/Npgsql/Web/NpgsqlMembershipProvider.cs 1.7:
	* src/Npgsql/Web/NpgsqlProfileProvider.cs 1.8:
		Fully qualify type name for ProviderException so that it doesn't 
		conflict with System.Data.ProviderException in 
		System.Data.Entity assembly

2008-04-11	fxjr
	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlCommand.cs 1.21:
		Readded cast for byte[] when handling bytea parameters which was removed by mistake. This was giving problems with byte[] support. Thanks Alaric for heads up.

2008-04-10	jbcooley
	* src/Npgsql/SSPIHandler.cs 1.1:
		Sspi patch from Brar Piening

2008-04-10	fxjr
	* src/NpgsqlTypes/NpgsqlTypesHelper.cs 1.15:
	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/CommandTests.cs 1.10:
		Fixed mapping for char parameter values. Now, Npgsql won't throw a DbType cast exception when trying to assign a char to a parameter value. Also, Npgsql will send the proper cast ::char when sending queries. See for discussion about that. Thanks Andrus Moor for testcase.
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