File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.92

Release Notes

Wrap up (not so) recent changes!

Change Log

* Add MSVC++ project files * Disable plugin_profiler in Makefile - you can still use it, but you have to explicitly enable support in the Makefile * Adjust BreakCountKey so that it can be properly cast from BreakpointKey. * Fix an off-by-one error when checking parameters to pldbg_set_global_breakpoint. This only seemed to show up on VC++ builds where global breakpoints wouldn't be hit, apparently because the backend PID of the debugger was set to 0 in the breakpoint rather than -1. * Fix the size allocated to BreakCountKey in the BreakCount hash table (it was sizeof(OID)). * Use closesocket() on Windows, not close() to close a socket. * Cleanup a bunch of compiler warnings, C++isms (spotted by Magnus) and other issues found. * Allow non-superusers to debug their own functions [Albe Laurenz]

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