File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.2.3

Release Notes

2008-08-08  -  PgBouncer 1.2.3  -  "Carefully Selected Bytes"

Change Log

  * Disable SO_ACCEPTFILTER code for BSDs which did not work.
  * Include example etc/userlist.txt in tgz.
  * Use '$(MAKE)' instead 'make' for recursion (Jørgen Austvik)
  * Define _GNU_SOURCE as glibc is useless otherwise.
  * Let the libevent 1.1 pass link test so we can later report "1.3b+ needed"
  * Detect stale pidfile and remove it.

  Thanks to Devrim GÜNDÜZ and Bjoern Metzdorf for problem reports and testing.
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