File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.6

Release Notes

2008-09-05  -  PlProxy 2.0.6  -  "Agile Voodoo"

Support dynamic return types, plus bunch of fixes.

Change Log

  = Features =

  * Support functions that return plain RECORD without
    OUT parameters.  Such functions need result type
    specified on each call with AS clause and the
    types need to be sent to remote database also.
    (Lei Yonghua)

    This makes possible to use PL/Proxy for dynamic queries:

    CREATE FUNCTION run_query(sql text) RETURNS RECORD ..
    SELECT * FROM run_query('select a,b from ..') AS (a int, b text);

  * Accept int2/int8 values from hash function,
    in addition to int4.

  = Fixes =

  * Replace bitfields with bool to conform better
    with Postgres coding style.
  * Don't use alloca() in parser.
  * Make scanner more robust to allocation errors
    by doing total reset before parsing.
  * Require exactly one row from remote query for
    non-SETOF functions.
  * Docs: tag all functions with embedded SELECT with SETOF.
  * Make it compile on win32 (Hiroshi Saito)
  * Make regtest tolerant to random() implementation differneces
    between different OSes.
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