File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Npgsql2.0rc2

Release Notes

    Npgsql2 RC2
    This version contains some fixes and updates for latest entity framework release.
    We are already in feature freeze and not so many things were added this time.
    Highlights include:
    Npgsql2 rc2 now supports .NET 3.5 sp1 with Entity Framework support.  We support model generation by the command line edmgen.exe tool.  This requires the Npgsql be registered in the provider <DbProviderFactories> section of machine.config.
    A lot of fixes were done on connection pool handling. Also, when running under Mono, Npgsql wasn't using connection pool. Now it is.
    We added some code to better handle threadabort when executing queries with Npgsql. It isn't perfect but is much better than with previous versions.

Change Log

2008-09-12 01:06  fxjr

	  Added release notes for Npgsql2 RC2 release.

2008-09-12 00:35  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/AssemblyInfo.cs:
	  Changed assembly version to RC2

2008-09-10 02:02  fxjr

	* README.txt:
	  Updated project homepage

2008-09-08 11:25  fxjr

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/CommandTests.cs:
	  Added a test for bug 1006158

2008-09-08 11:22  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlState.cs:
	  [1010426] Broken Connections. Added some code to help minimize
	  those problems. Now Npgsql can handle threadabort exceptions and
	  try to clean up things.

2008-09-08 11:02  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlConnector.cs:
	  Uncommented out the code which checks if a connection is valid
	  when returning from pool.

2008-09-08 11:01  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/: NpgsqlConnectionStringBuilder.cs,
	  [1010466] Npgsql isn't using pool when executing under Mono.

	  Also, changes the way Npgsql checks if the connection is ok when
	  returning from pool. Previous code was a little bit crypt and
	  also was less performant as it used a new generated guid and
	  listen and notification queries.

2008-09-05 11:57  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlConnectorPool.cs:
	  Fixed ClearAllPools which were missing a line to remove the
	  ConnectorsList. Thanks Christian Holzner (support at tuga dot it)
	  for heads up and patch.

2008-09-05 11:14  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlCommand.cs:
	  Fixed an improperly added finally block to handle closeconnection
	  commandbehavior. By closing the connection in a finally block, I
	  broke the fetch data on demand. Now, I only close the connection
	  when there is an exception.

	  Thanks Christian Holzner (support at tuga dot it) for heads up
	  and patch.

2008-09-03 23:15  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql2008.csproj: added condition to referenced 3.5

2008-09-02 22:46  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlSchema.ssdl: change multiset value to read from
	  type rather than attribute.  Also fixed functions, function
	  parameters and procedure parameters to no longer depend on
	  pg_attribute.  This corrected the parameter generations and
	  drastically improved performance.

2008-09-01 17:58  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlCommand.cs:
	  [npgsql-open-discussion][1003946] RE: Connection leak in
	  ExecuteReader/CloseConnection. Fixed a problem where Npgsql
	  wasn't closing the connection if commandbehavior was said to
	  close it and an error occured while executing
	  ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior) method. Thanks Andrus Moor and
	  Alaric Dailey for heads up and tests.

2008-08-29 16:25  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlConnectorPool.cs:
	  [#1010415] Stream seek error on close. Fix a problem where
	  protocol was gonig out of sync and data was being left to be read
	  on stream.

2008-08-25 22:28  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/SqlBaseGenerator.cs: more support for
	  uuid type.  Thanks to Yann Robin for this and many of the
	  previous entity framework bug fixes.

2008-08-24 15:14  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlProviderManifest.Manifest.xml: Added xml type

2008-08-24 15:13  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlProviderManifest.cs: Added xml type support and
	  fixed uuid

2008-08-24 15:11  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/SqlBaseGenerator.cs: removed completed
	  TODO comment.

2008-08-23 18:30  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/VisitedExpression.cs: support for more
	  constant types

2008-08-23 18:28  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/SqlBaseGenerator.cs: Support for more
	  canonical functions

2008-08-22 18:02  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/SqlBaseGenerator.cs: support cross join
	  and string concat

2008-08-22 18:00  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/: SqlDeleteGenerator.cs,
	  SqlUpdateGenerator.cs, SqlInsertGenerator.cs: quote column names

2008-08-22 17:59  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/VisitedExpression.cs: Fix insert and
	  update syntax.  Support cross join

2008-08-21 01:06  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlSchema.ssdl: fix metadata queries to match the
	  RTM release

2008-08-20 03:08  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/PGUtil.cs:
	  Added support to see what string was read from server when debug
	  is on. I don't know why I didn't add that before!! :)

2008-08-16 00:35  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlProviderManifest.Manifest.xml: added support for
	  uuid type

2008-08-16 00:15  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlSchema.ssdl: update precision to int4.

2008-08-15 22:55  fxjr

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/CommandTests.cs:
	  [#1010401] uuid data type not parsed correctly to it's native
	  .NET type.  Added test which confirms this bug is fixed.

2008-08-14 18:04  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlState.cs:
	  [#1010457] Avoid throwing exception when parsing an integer.
	  Thanks Alain Cao (alain @nospam@ for patch.

2008-08-13 15:52  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlCommand.cs:
	  Added missing support to not add casts to parameters when not
	  needed when calling functions. This support also removes casts
	  when passing null values.

2008-08-13 02:59  fxjr

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/DataAdapterTests.cs:
	  Added some tests for DataAdapter.Update method.

2008-08-12 00:31  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/: SqlBaseGenerator.cs,
	  SqlDeleteGenerator.cs, SqlInsertGenerator.cs,
	  SqlSelectGenerator.cs, SqlUpdateGenerator.cs: Update for .NET 3.5
	  SP1 RTM

2008-08-12 00:30  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlProviderManifest.cs: Update for .NET 3.5 SP1 RTM
	  + bug fix in GetStoreType throwing ArgumentException (thanks
	  again to Thanh Trung Le)

2008-08-11 00:15  jbcooley

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/DataReaderTests.cs: Added test
	  for RecordsAffected

2008-08-10 03:21  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlCommand.cs,
	  [#1000581] Possibly bug: not initialized Connector.  Added
	  another check for Connector initialization. Thanks Stan Lagun for

2008-08-09 03:28  fxjr

	* src/NpgsqlTypes/NpgsqlTypesHelper.cs,
	  Fixed regression where quoting numbers could give errors. Now,
	  int2, int4 and int8 aren't quoted anymore.  Thanks Josh Cooley
	  and Mike S for heads up.  See for
	  discussion about this problem.

2008-07-30 23:55  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/SqlGenerators/: SqlBaseGenerator.cs,
	  SqlDeleteGenerator.cs, SqlInsertGenerator.cs,
	  SqlSelectGenerator.cs, SqlUpdateGenerator.cs,
	  VisitedExpression.cs: Updates to SQL generation.  Now seem to
	  pass all tests that don't require lateral join (CROSS APPLY in
	  Sql Server)
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