File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: libpqtypes v1.2a

Release Notes

WINDOWS USERS: this version is broken on windows.  Use v1.2b.

NOTE: For 8.3.x support, see the libpq-events patch.

This requires using PostgreSQL version 8.4+ (CVS head), which now 
contains an approved patch called libpq-events.  The new event
system is needed by libpqtypes.

You can also use any 8.3.x version if you apply the libpq-8.3.x.patch, 
which patches in libpq-events.  Versions 8.3.1 to 8.3.4 have been 
tested.  Patch not needed when using version 8.4+ (CVS head).

Change Log

Sept 26, 2008 v1.2a
- libpqtypes uses the libpq event system, an approaved patch for 8.4.
  The object hooks patch was redesigned and than renamed to libpq events.
- bug fix in timestamp code
- memory leak fix in error system, didn't clean up thread memory.
- pqytpe's PGEventProc is now a public function named PQtypesEventProc
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