File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.8

Release Notes

2008-10-12  -  SkyTools 2.1.8  -  "Perestroika For Your Data"

Please use skytools_upgrade script to upgrade
PgQ database code.

Change Log

  = Fixes =

    * deb: Make debian package accept skytools-8.3 too.
    * add skylog.ini as installalble file (David Fetter)
    * Londiste:
      - Document the fkeys, triggers, restore-triggers commands.
      - Run ANALYZE after table is copied over.
      - Fix "provider add-seq --all"
    * pgq.SerialConsumer (used by Londiste) - fix position check,
      which got confused when sequence numbers did large jump.
    * PgQ database functions:
      - pgq.maint_rotate_step1() function removed tick #1
        even if consumer was registered on it.
      - pgq triggers: import cache invalidation from HEAD.
        Now pgq.sqltriga() and pgq.logutriga() should be preferable
        to pgq.logtriga().
      - uninstall_pgq.sql: Correct syntax for DROP SCHEMA CASCADE.
    * skytools.DBScript, used by all Python scripts:
      - Don't try to stay running if MemoryError was thrown.
      - Detect stale pidfile and ignore it.
      - Stop hooking SIGTERM anymore.  Python signal handling and
        libpq polling did not interact well.
    * scriptmgr:
      - Don't crash on missing pidfile.
      - Fix few typos on scriptmgr  (Martin Pihlak)
    * walmgr  (Martin Pihlak):
      - improved error messages on startup if no config file specified.
      - stop now also stops syncdaemon
      - pg_auth file is copied to slave as part of archiving. restored during boot.
      - cleanup in remote_walmgr() to always pass config file to slave walmgr.
      - master_backup() now reports exceptions.

  = Features =

    * londiste -s/-k now kill "copy" process with SIGTERM.
      Previously the process was left running.  On startup
      "replay" will check if "copy" process had died before
      finishing and launches one if needed.  (Dimitri Fontaine)
    * New skytools.signal_pidfile() function.
    * Londiste: New lock_timeout parameter to limit time
      locks are held on provider.  Applies to operations:
      provider add/remove, compare, repair.
    * Londiste: on psycopg2 v2.0.6+ use new .copy_expert() API,
      which does not crash on tables with large number of columns.

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