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Release Name: 0.13

Release Notes

pgTAP 0.13

pgTAP is a collection of TAP-emitting unit testing functions written in
PL/pgSQL and PL/SQL. It is based on the Test::More module distributed with
Perl 5. You could even consider it a port of sorts.

pgTAP 0.13 adds or documents the following functions:

* pg_version()
* pg_version_num()
* pg_typeof()

The `pg_version_num()` function will be particularly useful for determining
whether or not to skip tests, like so:

    SELECT CASE WHEN pg_version_num() < 80100   
        THEN skip('throws_ok() not supported before 8.1' )
        ELSE throws_ok( 'SELECT 1/0', 22012, 'division by zero' )


Change Log

0.13  2008-10-13T19:09:46
      - Added `pg_version()` and `pg_version_num()`.
      - Documented `pg_typeof()`.

0.12  2008-10-11T04:02:42
      - Updated `plan()` to disable warnings while it creates its tables.
        This means that `plan()` no longer send NOTICE messages when they run,
        although tests still might, depending on the setting of
      - Added `hasnt_table()`, `hasnt_view()`, and `hasnt_column()`.
      - Added `hasnt_pk()`, `hasnt_fk()`, `col_isnt_pk()`, and
      - Added missing `DROP` statements to ``.

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