File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: libpqtypes v1.2b

Release Notes

NOTE: For 8.3.x support, see the libpq-events patch.

- Added performance enhancement that affects arrays and large result sets.
- windows was completely broken in v1.2a, see change log.

Change Log

Nov 11, 2008 v1.2b
- Added a type specifier caching system.  Whenever putf or getf are
  called, it compares the specifier string with the last one libpqtypes
  saw.  If it is a match, the parsing and type handler lookup
  stage can be bipassed, giving a large performance increase for arrays
  and large result sets.  This also makes libpqtypes noticably faster
  than using libpq in text mode ... PQexec.
- preprocessing bug in port.c, #elif HAVE_VSNPRINTF instead of
  #elif defined(HAVE_VSNPRINTF).
- windows was completely broken from a change in v1.2a.  Apparantley
  windows has different memory addresses for DLL exported functions;
  the address seen outside the DLL and the address seen from within the DLL.
  This broke the PQtypesRegister macro that was referencing PQtypesEventProc,
  since the external address was being used to register the event proc
  but the internal address was being used by libpqtypes.  This problem was
  solved by converting PQtypesRegister to a function, which forces the
  event proc to always be referenced from within libpqtypes.
  PQtypesEventProc was completely removed form the public interface.
- Updated make system to be more configurable, allows setting things
  like CC, CFLAGS, etc.. at the prompt (see INSTALL).
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