File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: libpqtypes v1.2c

Release Notes

NOTE: For 8.3.x support, see the libpq-events patch.

This version is required for full support of geo types on 
RISC processors or for threaded solaris builds on versions 
prior to 10.

Mostly bug fixes: pthread_once() not working on solaris, RISC 
processor memory alignment issues and regression-test.c had 
some errors on hpux 10.20.  Error system dropped the use of 
GCC __thread modifier in favor of pthread TLS keys.

Change Log

Nov 18, 2008 v1.2c
- removed GCC __thread modifier from error.c.  Only pthread TLS keys
  are now used.  The TLS key for the error system is now intialized
  with the GCC function attribute "constructor"; which replaced _init().
  This GCC attribute has been around since GCC version 2.7.0, old enough.
  The error system used to intialize the TLS key via pthread_once(),
  but this function is broken on all version of Solaris prior to 10
  (its actually a stub function the returns 0).  This means libpqtypes
  versions prior to this one cannot use thread-safe mode on Solaris 9 or
  below.  Windows continues to use __declspec(thread).
- The PATH geo type was completely broken (SIGBUS) on many RISC processors,
  we tested a couple of UltraSparcs, Itanium, PA-RISC and MIPS.  This is
  due to memory alignment issues (boy, spoiled by x86!).  A configure
  check was added to detect when strict memory alignment is required
  (STRICT_MEMORY_ALIGNMENT) and the source is toggled appropriately.
- Add pqt_buf_xxx functions to abstract reading and writing data 
  to/from buffers.  Another memory alignment change.
- fixed regression-test.c on hpux which was referencing unknown macros:
- cleaned up a few things in (unix make file)
- win32.mak for MSVC had an issue with include variable.  created INC2
  to solve this.
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