File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: openrpt-3.0.0Beta

Change Log

3.0.0Beta ChangeLog


Feature Additions

  ● Add metasql pointer option so metasql queries can be drawn from a database

  ● Added support for changing the color of fonts and border/fill of boxes

  ● Align Objects Across Sections

  ● Redesigned Writer interface to be more WYSIWYG

  ● Support for zooming using mousewheel in writer

  ● RPT Render - File -> Load From DB - Show a List of Reports

  ● Simple CrossTab addition

  ● Printing of external image files

  ● Added additional support to translation of application

  ● New importmql utility

  ● Updated menu's and toolbar's

Bug Fixes

  ● Cannot Select Entry On List Screen for Embedded Query/Parameter List

  ● Rectangle item must not block the selection of the items inside it

  ● Fixed MetaSQL tool so it won't timeout when connected to database

  ● Removed all Qt3 Support backward-compatibility code

  ● Fixed resolution lookup problem in prerendering engine

  ● Fixed unreleased memory when prerenderer completes

  ● Consolidated some code reducing redundancy.

  ● Fixed problem with embedded writer when switching windows

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