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Release Name: Npgsql2.0.2

Release Notes


    Npgsql 2.0.2

    Fix the fix for datetime.MinValue and MaxValue. Only MinValue was fixed. Now both Min and Max are fixed. Thanks Andrus Moor for heads up.(fxjr)
    Fixed problem with parameter sizes and prepared statements.(fxjr)
    [#1010488] NgsqlParameter of type containing DBNull values throws NullReferenceException
    [#1010521] NpgsqlInterval should be quoted.
    Datetime with negative values (thanks to Mathieu Fenniak <>) and singular values  such as "1 day"
    [#1010495] Bad performance calling a (empty) function very often.
New additions:
    Added documentation about how to use Npgsql with Provider Factory. Thanks Alaric for heads up.
    Ensure refcursors work with System.Transactions. (Josh)
    On this release, Josh Cooley fixed some bugs on Entity Framework support and System.Transactions.
    For more information about those and other fixes, please, see our ChangeLog.

Change Log

2008-12-15 01:42  jbcooley

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/ConnectionTests.cs: Change
	  ExpectedException attriubte to pass type.

2008-12-15 01:11  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/AssemblyInfo.cs: Updated version for 2.0.2 release.

2008-12-15 01:00  fxjr

	* ChangeLog, RELEASENOTES.txt:
	  Updated ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog for 2.0.2 release.

2008-12-10 02:42  jbcooley

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/SystemTransactionsTest.cs: Reuse
	  connection in transaction - test provided by Wouter Claeys

2008-12-10 02:39  jbcooley

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/ConnectionTests.cs: Add
	  connection pool tests

2008-12-10 02:39  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlConnection.cs: Handle case where same connection
	  object is closed and opened again while inside a

2008-12-10 02:09  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlResourceManager.cs: Support
	  ISinglePhaseNotification to simplify some distributed transaction

2008-12-04 02:20  jbcooley

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/SystemTransactionsTest.cs:
	  Ensure refcursors work with System.Transactions.

2008-12-04 02:19  jbcooley

	* testsuite/noninteractive/NUnit20/: NpgsqlTests2008.csproj,
	  TypesTests.cs: Tests for NpgsqlInterval - to be expanded to other
	  NpgsqlTypes in the future.

2008-12-04 02:18  jbcooley

	* src/NpgsqlTypes/DateDatatypes.cs: Handle negative values (thanks
	  to Mathieu Fenniak <>) and singular values
	  such as "1 day"

2008-12-01 01:07  fxjr

	* src/NpgsqlTypes/NpgsqlTypesHelper.cs,
	  [#1010521] NpgsqlInterval should be quoted.  Added corresponding
	  test case.

	  Thanks Todd Lucas (tl @nospam@ for patch.

2008-12-01 00:44  fxjr

	* src/NpgsqlTypes/ArrayHandling.cs,
	  [#1010488] NgsqlParameter of type containing DBNull values throws
	  NullReferenceException Patch [#1010514] array handling.

	  Thanks to Rikard Pavelic (rikard.pavelic @nospam@
	  for array handling patch which fixed 1010488 bug. The patch
	  applied was slightly different from original but with the same
	  effect. Just changed to not add another if and use all the
	  conditions in the existing if.

2008-11-24 12:01  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlCommand.cs:
	  Fixed problem where parameters size wasn't being handled with
	  prepared statements.	This fix Daniel AspNet Providers Ticket 7.

	  Thanks Daniel for bringing this to my attention.

2008-11-18 12:59  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlConnection.cs:
	  Removed a redundant check which was already being done with
	  previous patch.

2008-11-18 12:57  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlConnection.cs:
	  Made NpgsqlConnection.Close log its entrance before any other
	  code.  Fixed condition tested by Close to see if it should run or

2008-11-13 11:54  fxjr

	* docs/UserManual.html:
	  Added documentation about ProviderFactory configuration. Thanks
	  Alaric for heads up.

2008-11-11 15:58  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlCommand.cs:
	  [#1010495] Bad performance calling a (empty) function very often.
	  Now NpgsqlCommand caches previous results of internal checkings
	  which were taking too much time if the command was used more than

2008-11-11 14:58  fxjr

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlParameter.cs:
	  Fixed a typo which prevented DateTime.MaxValue to work on
	  previous patch.  Thanks Andrus Moor for heads up.

2008-11-04 20:01  jbcooley

	* src/Npgsql/NpgsqlProviderManifest.Manifest.xml: Updated varchar
	  maximum length.
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