File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: libpqtypes v.1.3.1

Release Notes

NOTE: For 8.3.x support, see the libpq-events patch.

Fixed bug with getting empty arrays.  Fixed getaddrinfo issue with windows 2000 and older versions.

Change Log

Feb 11, 2009 v1.3.1
- PQgetf of an empty array was always returning a result with a single 
  tuple (array item), eventhough the PGarray members were correctly set
  for an empty array.  This has been fixed.
- Added empty array test to regression-test.c. 
- getaddrinfo is missing on Windows 2000 and earlier versions.  Wspiapi.h
  and ws2tcpip.h must be included to provide a replacement.  libpqtypes-int.h
  neglected to include Wspiapi.h, which it now does.
  Microsoft docs on issue:
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