File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.9

Release Notes

2009-03-13  -  SkyTools 2.1.9  -  "Six Pack of Luck"

Change Log

  = WalMgr improvements =

    * WAL files purge procedure now pays attention to recovery
      restart points. (%r patch by Omar Kilani, Mark Kirkwood)

    * archive_mode GUC is now set during setup. Followed by an
      optional restart if master_restart_cmd is specified (Mark Kirkwood)

    * PostgreSQL configuration files are backed up to 
      "config_backup" and restored to "slave_config_dir". (Mark Kirkwood)

    * Backups taken from slave now generate backup_label and
      history files.

    * Configuration files now default to PostgreSQL 8.3

  = Fixes =

    * londiste copy: Add missing identifier quoting for
      TRUNCATE and ADD CONSTRAINT.  (Luc Van Hoeylandt)

    * Quote identifiers starting with numeric.  (Andrew Dunstan)

    * Fix crash with pgq.sqltrigq/pgq.logutriga, which automatically
      detect table structure.  Problem was handling table invalidation
      event during internal query.
      (Götz Lange, André Malo)

    * Fix 'uninitialized variable' warning and potentially bad code
      in pgq.sqltriga().  (Götz Lange, André Malo)

    * skytools._cquoting: Fix crash with Decimal type.
      (May affects users who have compiled psycopg2 to use
       Decimal() instead of float for NUMERIC)

    * skytools.DBStruct: The DEFAULT keyword was missing when
      creating table columns with default value.  Table creation
      functionality is unused in 2.1.x thus no users should be affected.

    * skytools.magic_insert: be more flexible about whats dict.
      In particular, now accept DictRow.

    * don't detect xmlto and asciidoc version
      if --with-asciidoc is not used.  Otherwise unnecessary error
      message was printed.

    * Add few headers for Postgres 8.4 that are not included
      automatically anymore.  (Devrim Gündüz)
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